What types of solar lights are there?

Solar energy is currently one of the fastest-growing renewable energy industries, with rapid growth in applications around this energy source. Solar lights are the most common type of electronic device that uses photovoltaic batteries.

Initially, the line of solar-powered devices was only developed for lighting at night with types such as street lights, LED headlights, wall-mounted … now the increasing demand of users has promoted. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products with many different utility applications such as integrated insecticidal solar lights, decorative lights, etc.

1. Solar integrated street light

Solar LED street light is a line of electronic equipment specializing in lighting purposes for street areas, alleys, gardens, parks, squares, etc., to help pedestrians get the right amount of light. At night to move safely as well as ensure the security of that area.

This type of lamp is very diverse in design, there are hundreds of different models available on the market. The lights operate on 100% of the electricity from the conversion of sunlight into electricity by solar panels. The product provides quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly light sources.

Solar integrated street light

2. Solar LED Flood Lights

Headlights are handy smart lighting devices widely used to illuminate homes, companies, parking lots, mini football fields, sports stadiums, etc., used for “skyscrapers” areas, so the integration of photovoltaic panels is ideal. By absorbing abundant sunlight during the day, the LED solar flood light will have enough power to illuminate the required area throughout the night with high power.

Solar LED Flood Lights

3. Wall lights use solar power

Do you want your house to always “shine” at night? – With solar wall lights can make your home like a small “sun man” shimmering at night.

Not only hanging around the walls of the house, but you can also hang the lights anywhere you want as long as there is direct sunlight during the day such as fences, house pillars, gate posts, garages… provide a light source for the lighting area as well as increase the level of security for your home.

Wall lights use solar power

4. Wireless solar garden pillar lights

Electric lights without wires? – It sounds “absurd and unconvincing”. However, that’s the reality. All solar lights (except decorative string lights) DO NOT NEED cumbersome wires because they work based on solar photovoltaic technology, so These luminaires designed “all in one” can generate electricity and store and supply lights themselves.

The installation of solar garden post lights is straightforward, you need to plug them into the ground surface to have a shimmering light source for that area without worrying about power problems. This product line is suitable for lighting and decorating garden premises, flower pots, walkways…

Wireless solar garden pillar lights

5. Solar gate post lights

When guests come to your house, they see your door and will wait to call you to open the door. If it were me, I wouldn’t want my esteemed guests to wait in the dark.

That is also the reason why the gate pillar lights appeared. They not only provide light for the gate area, but also serve as a beautiful decoration tool. This line of lighting equipment often has very beautiful lightbox designs and patterns. However, solar gate post lights have a downside that you should consider that the guests will forever be fascinated by them without entering the house (I’m just kidding!).

Solar gate post lights

6. Ground lamp with built-in solar battery

Solar ground lights are a model that usually has a small design and is extremely simple to install. You need to plug the “light pole” into the ground and you’re done. This is one of the types of solar lights with the most designs, users can freely choose from lights of different shapes and colors to decorate all around their home. Ground lights are often used to decorate flower beds, walkways, bonsai gardens, balconies…

Ground lamp with built-in solar battery

7. Underfloor solar lights

If you want to illuminate the path so that family members can travel more safely at night without affecting the structure of the aisle, you can choose solar electric floor lamps. This product line will be installed close to the ground, not obstructing your path but always ensuring proper lighting at night. This model is often applied to the edge of paths around the garden, parking lots, navigation in apartment yards…

Underfloor solar lights

8. Mosquito catching lights use photovoltaic batteries

Insects are always a threat to plants, with bonsai enthusiasts often hating and afraid of these animals, in addition, mosquitoes are also very harmful to human health. Mosquito catching lights combine photovoltaic batteries with many models for users to choose from, emitting light with many unique colors to decorate the garden and their most outstanding feature is the ability to kill insects. Harmful to plants and mosquitoes. The ground-plug design allows users to install the light easily, the light can be mounted anywhere around your home to “push away” harmful insects.

To “attract” insects, this product has a special structure based on emitting the “favorite” light of the insects that make them rush into the lantern, inside there is an electric grid that will destroy the animals. This is hateful harm. You are also completely assured of the safety when there are small children or pets at home, the lightbox design with tiny slots that only insects can “get in” so the children will not be able to touch the electricity grid outside. In okay.

Mosquito catching lights use photovoltaic batteries

9. Decorative string lights combined with solar panels

On Christmas occasions, what kind of lights do you choose to decorate your Christmas tree, cave? With the model of solar string lights, you absolutely do not need to connect to the electricity grid. This is extremely convenient because you can bring a Christmas tree or set up a “rock cave” anywhere in your yard without having to worry about connecting wires. This type of light string works by solar energy, this is a clean, green renewable energy source that people are aiming to use in the near future to limit dependence on fossil fuels as well as reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.

Decorative string lights combined with solar panels

10. Flame Effect Solar Lights

Reimagining flickering flames/torches, the flame effect solar light radiates a warm light, creating a romantic atmosphere around your home. This device is suitable for decorating walkways, flower gardens, picnic tables, etc. Flame effect lights also have many models designed with different installation styles such as grounding, wall cladding, hanging… allowing users to have more options to decorate according to their preferences.

Flame Effect Solar Lights

11. Solar traffic signal lights

Dark roads, unfinished construction works at night without traffic signals will be very dangerous for pedestrians, especially pass sections. Such areas are often difficult to access the electricity grid, so manufacturers have applied solar energy to signal lights to overcome these inadequacies.

That power source to self-illuminate. Solar signal lights do not need to be connected to the grid but can still work, thanks to a built-in battery panel capable of absorbing and converting light into electricity during the day, using it at night. This has overcome the inadequacy of the power source for conventional signal lights.

Solar traffic signal light

12. Portable/Handheld Solar Lights

With the portable solar light you can charge the battery during the day in any place without the need for a charger or an electrical outlet. The solar portable light has a built-in photovoltaic battery with high photo-electric absorption and conversion efficiency, allowing you to quickly and conveniently charge the battery outdoors.

Handheld Solar Lights

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