Privacy Policy

With us, your privacy is of the utmost importance and priority.

Information security

All information such as your name, account number, phone number, email, social network or address provided by us will be absolutely confidential.

We collect IPs, Cookies for the purpose of analyzing customer behavior and preferences to try to provide the most useful content to our readers.

Policy restricting children under 13 years old

Children under the age of 13 are not advised to use the website for various reasons. We will immediately delete all information related to children of this age when discovered on the website. Parents or guardians are encouraged to monitor their child’s search behavior to ensure their interests.

Return and Refund Policy

When you make a purchase on Amazon, Amazon as well as the seller will provide you with a notice about the return policy.

In different cases there will be different protocols, you can see more Return Policy here.

As members of the Amazon Affiliate Program, we are not responsible for this process. However, we can assist you with more information if you get stuck.

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